Apartment Odor Removal For Property Managers

In a renter’s market, property managers tasked with keeping zero vacancies may spend considerably in remediation costs to rid a property of smoke smell, pet odor and a handful of other offensive odors. Replacing carpets, cabinetry, ductwork and many other fixtures is a known practice when attempting to mitigate severe odor challenges.  Worse yet, an odor-ridden property may sit vacant for months as leasing waits for the next interested smoker, pet owner or nose blind client to come along and rent.

Maintenance and leasing teams can now let go of fear of what a prospective tenant will say about an odor-ridden property. Once contracted and scheduled, most odor treatments are start to finish within 12-18 hours, leaving lots of free time for other vendors to complete turn work.

Unlike many of our competitors, our solution does not mask or encapsulate odors.  Our safe chlorine dioxide delivery system physically changes the chemical make-up of odor causing bacteria, destroying each odor molecule and preventing those odors from returning in the future.  ClO2 is proven faster and more effective than painting or ozone machines and is safe for the environment and your residents because it naturally dissipates, breaking down into just water and salt.  After a property has been aired out, NonScents Pro’s clients generally react by stating they smell nothing at all.

If you’re looking for the best odor removal in San Diego or Phoenix, call or contact us today for your free consultation.