Tobacco and Smoke Odor Removal

We’re often asked if we are able to remove cigarette or tobacco smoke odors. For example, a home may need to be deodorized when it is being sold; an apartment may need the service while switching tenants; an automobile may need odor removal; etc.

According to the EPA, Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) is a mix of smoke that’s derived from the burning end of a cigarette, pipe, or cigar, and the smoke exhaled by the smoker. It is a varied mixture of more than 4,000 compounds, where many of them are known to cause cancer in both humans and animals. Even worse many of these compounds derived from second hand smoke are strong irritants to the respiratory system.

You’ve already seen it – the smoke from tobacco sticks to every surface of an indoor space. You may see, smell, or feel a yellowish-brown, sticky substance that is left on all surfaces and furniture in areas wherever smoking was prevalent. It is extremely hard to remove the discoloration on plastics and painted surfaces.  Smoke can penetrate into all furniture, carpets, walls, windows, and really anything else you can think of. The results are not only unsightly but create bad smoke odor for years to come. Luckily we have the best solution for removing smoke odors in San Diego and the Phoenix areas.

The damage caused by indoor long-term smoking is very similar to that of an actual fire, with one exception.  Believe it or not, the smoke from a fire is sometimes far easier to remove from walls or other surfaces than tobacco smoke may be. Removing tobacco residues can be a real challenge and that’s exactly where our EPA approved Chlorine Dioxide comes in. We take what would be a time consuming process removing smoke residues that are pervasive throughout the entire home, business, or other affected area into a quick overnight treatment.

Removing smoke odors in San Diego has never been easier.  As with every property, the NonScents Pro team will help bring your property back to a healthy, smoke free condition fast. Our team is highly trained and skilled in procedures not only to remove tobacco smoke odors, but to return property owners to their odor free property cost-effectively and in the shortest time possible.