Smoke smell is highly unattractive to anyone who does not smoke. We all know a smoker’s house the second we walk in the front door. Some people may be fortunate enough to not have very many smokers in their lives and maybe none at all.

But here’s the thing… According to the CDC, over 37.8 million Americans were still smoking cigarettes in year 2016.

So what does that mean? What it means is that no matter how hard we try to stay away from cigarettes, smokers and smoke smell, there is a good chance that we are going to run into it at some point in our lives.

As if it couldn’t get any worse, it does.

Even if we are able to successfully avoid second hand cigarette smoke, research has shown that residual cigarette smoke and particles that settle on surfaces indoors create another toxic element in the aftermath of smoking known as third hand smoke (THS)

Third Hand Smoke

I know, I couldn’t believe it either.

But think about it, these dust particles and gases will eventually settle into everything. The dust in the airducts, the curtains on the windows, clothes, sofas, carpets. And at one point it will transfer to the people occupying that space.

By now, thirdhand smoke is widely recognized in the scientific community and studies continue to prove that it’s presence in indoor environments can be detrimental to the health of non-smokers.

I know what you’re going to ask. So what do we do if we are tasked with removing smoke smell?

Fortunately, we have options.

Tobacco smoke puts up quite a fight in the odor removal battle.

However, there is a way to win the battle.

Our first step is to accept that we are not going to win by purchasing scented products that will mask or cover up the smell. Avoid buying items like scented sprays, plug in scents, air vent fresheners, etc.

Here’s what you have to do:

Take a look around the smoke smelling space and zero in on any fabric. Fabric loves to hang on to odor causing elements and does not like to let go.

Try these solutions:

Option 1: Spraying a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water can help to minimize the smell. Because vinegar can be a strong smell, treating the furniture outdoors or in a garage is recommended.

Option 2: A second option is sprinkling baking soda onto the furniture or fabric for odor removal efforts. Leave the baking soda to sit for a few hours. Afterwards the baking soda can be wiped away or more for a more effective approach, vacuumed.

But beware! For guaranteed odor removal, the quickest option in regards to fabrics is to permanently remove all fabrics from the space.

Pull out old carpets.  |  Remove window treatments.  |  Toss out furniture.

These are all items that will cling on to smoke odor and re-emit that odor down the road!

This is the grossest part:

When smoking occurs in indoor environments for long periods of time, nicotine and tar will begin to build up on walls and ceilings.

Any easy indication of nicotine and tar buildup is a yellow/brown color on what may have been white walls long ago.

Another indicator is if the walls have a stickiness to them. At this point, the walls are now holding on to odor as well. Fortunately, unlike throwing out furniture, carpet, and window treatments, walls can be washed.

For best results, we recommend using warm water and a soapy degreaser such as dawn dish soap.

And we don’t stop here.

The key to washing walls with nicotine and tar buildup is to spray them down with your solution after mixing the soap and water. Hand pump and electric sprayers can both be purchased at a local hardware store. Spray the walls generously with solution and allow for a minimum 5-10 minutes of contact time before washing.

My experience is that microfiber flat mops are the best option for washing walls.

Here’s why:

Simply put, microfiber means better cleaning.

And better cleaning means a better chance of smoke odor removal.

Each microfiber towel contains more than 200,000 fibers per inch of fabric.

Why is this important?

Microfiber can absorb more than seven times their weight in water, making them much more effective than traditional cleaning cloths and also making them friendlier for the environment.

This material is also much more effective in grabbing on to dust, grime, gunk and in our case, sticky nicotine tar!

After allowing the degreaser solution to soak in, take your microfiber mop and mop head and begin wiping down the walls as if you were mopping the floor.

Continue this process until the walls are no longer sticky.

Items such as smoke detectors, vents, vent fans, ceiling fans and light fixtures must be cleaned and degreased as well.

More importantly, depending on the severity of build-up in the home, some or all of these items may need to be replaced.

Smoke is so evasive that it will also work it’s way into your ductwork where air from your heater and air conditioner travel. Ductwork cleaning can be challenging and must be handled with great caution.

Don’t forget this next important step.

For successful smoke odor removal, the home must be thoroughly cleaned and I recommend having it professionally cleaned.

Professional home cleaning services often have a thorough scope of work when they come in to clean a home and will be able to address many areas that the average person will overlook.

This will help with smoke deodorization efforts.

Furthermore, if the home still smells after all of these solutions it is time to call a professional odor removal company to take over the odor removal process.

Believe it or not, there are many companies out there but we have found that pricing for professional odor removal services can be astronomically high.

These services require a multi-pronged approach with extensive labor, machines and chemicals.

But luckily, we have managed to keep our pricing very competitive while still being able to guarantee odor removal for San Diego and Phoenix areas.

Are you ready?

NonScents Pro offers a safe, non-toxic approach to total odor removal. We utilize a green, environmentally friendly liquid and gas solution and require no expensive equipment. The liquid and gas solution work together hand in hand.

Here is how it works:

The liquid solution is the true work horse, safe on all surfaces and fabrics.

  • No stain.
  • No rinse.
  • No residue.

A fine mist is sprayed everywhere throughout the affected space to create a very humid environment.

They hit every area!

Picture this – cabinets, closets and any other possible areas where odor may be hiding are opened up and treated.

After all areas have been misted, gas is deployed.


With a humid environment from the liquid, the gas is able to very effectively attack all nooks, crannies and ductwork where lingering odor causing elements may be hiding.

Even better is that our solution is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency for cigarette, tobacco and cannabis deodorization purposes.

And to add on, you will never believe but in most cases they are able to get rid of all smoke odors overnight. That’s right, odors gone in just one night!

Bottom line:

  • This solution is safe.
  • It is environmentally friendly and green.
  • And more importantly, it is effective.

Rest assured that after proper treatment of an odor ridden environment, the space will smell like nothing at all.

No masked smells and no fresh scent to cover the inevitable return of that nuisance odor