You’ve probably heard it all before and already know that smoking cigarettes are bad for your health. When a smoker moves out of their home, the unmistakable smell of cigarettes will linger in the property long after they’ve gone. Smoke smell removal is an important service that both homeowners and rental property owners need to take advantage of to make your space smell odorless once again. If you plan to sell your home or you need to get your rental ready for the next tenant, it’s important to eliminate this foul odor as quickly as possible.

At NonScents Pro, we understand just how difficult it can be to eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke from your property. Additionally, we know that you don’t want to exchange the odor of cigarettes for a harsh chemical smell. With this in mind, we are proud to offer the help you need with our non-toxic smoke smell removal services. Our service offers a non-toxic approach that quickly and effectively eliminates odors at their source. Contact us today to schedule a consultation in San Diego or Phoenix!

Cigarette Smoke Odor

The smell of tobacco is an unpleasant one that lingers long after the last cigarette was lit. This is due to the fact that smoke particles can attach to almost any type of surface, especially soft, porous surfaces like carpets and curtains. Any attempt to cover or mask the smell with a deodorizer or candle will only compound the foul odor, leaving the space worse off than when you started.

Additionally, it’s important to understand that more than just the smell of cigarette smoke has built up in the space — so have carcinogens and stains.

Cigarette Smoke Damage

Unfortunately, smokers do not always use ashtrays when they smoke, which means that you might find damage to your countertops, carpeting, vanities, curtains, and any other surfaces where a cigarette was set down and allowed to burn, slowly scorching the surface. If you suspect that the previous homeowner or tenant smoked indoors, there are a number of common areas that might show damage. From the bathrooms and bedrooms to the garage and kitchen, it’s important to look carefully for damage caused by cigarettes. Remember to check the carpeting near where a couch or chair may have been situated as it could show burn marks or even ground-in ashes from an overturned ashtray.

Smoke Residue

Paint on the inside walls of a home can also be severely damaged by cigarette smoke residue. Cigarette smoke can leave behind a sticky residue, which sticks to almost any surface. Due to some of the particles in cigarette smoke, especially nicotine, the residue sticks to surfaces and attracts dirt, dust, and grime particles. The end result is that any walls or other surfaces coated in the residue will eventually turn a dark yellow or brown color. This type of damage can be very costly to repair.

Smoke Smell Removal

At NonScents Pro, we know that you want to live in a clean environment that smells like, well, nothing! We are proud to provide the thorough, effective, and fast-acting smoke smell removal services that you need. Whether you’ve recently moved into a home where the previous owners smoked, or you had a tenant who smoked in your rental property, we can help. You’ll be thrilled to discover that when we finish, the smoke smell is completely eliminated, and only fresh air is left behind. Contact us today to schedule your consultation in San Diego or Phoenix.