Whether you have one dog or multiple dogs and cats, you do your best to provide for their needs and give them a happy home. From playing games with them and offering treats for good behavior to taking them on walks and cuddling up for naps, you spend a lot of time with your pets. In fact, you may not even realize your home smells like a kennel until you have friends over to visit. If you have gone nose blind to the pet odors in your home, then you need to follow our tips for eliminating the odors and creating a fresh environment.

At NonScents Pro, we offer the odor control services you need for your home in San Diego or Phoenix. We know you want your home to smell as fresh and clean as possible, which is why we offer free odor removal inspections and use chlorine dioxide to eliminate any sources of bad odors in your home. Since the only bi-products from chlorine dioxide are water and salt, you can rest assured that you’ll breathe nothing but fresh air when we’re done. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection!

Potty Train Early

If you’ve recently gotten a puppy or a kitten, then you know that housetraining is not easy. However, the more you can keep accidents to a minimum, the better you’ll be able to reduce pet odors in your home. When you need to leave your kitten or puppy at home, be sure to limit the area they have access to in order to limit the number of places where accidents can occur.

Vacuum Regularly

Even if your dog or cat has short hair, they will shed more than you might expect. Depending on the color of their fur and the color of your carpet, you might not even be aware how much shedding is actually happening. Regular vacuuming helps to ensure that clumps of pet hair won’t be able to form, as these can be the source of some pretty strong smells. If possible, vacuum once a day, or at least once a week. Use a lint roller to remove hair from furniture upholstered in fabric.

Use Air Fresheners and Cleaning Supplies Conservatively

It can be tempting to use your favorite air freshener to cover up pet smells in your home, but you want to be careful using too much. Masking the pet odor with your favorite fragrance or cleaning product could put your dog or cat at risk depending on the types of chemicals used in the product. Additionally, strong odors can trigger pet allergies. Make sure anything you use is pet friendly and used conservatively.

Contact the Professionals

At some point, in spite of your best efforts, you’ll need to contact the professionals at NonScents Pro to thoroughly and effectively address the odor control problems in your home. Pet odors will build up even in homes where the most stringent house cleaning has been practiced. Whether due to accidents you weren’t able to locate, the number of pets in your home, or another reason, pet odor can rise to an unpleasant level. Our trained technicians have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the safest and most effective odor control services possible. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer, and schedule your free inspection in San Diego or Phoenix.