Looking for the best Odor Removal service?

Learn Why Chlorine Dioxide is the Most Effective Solution Available

Getting rid of odors can be as simple as taking out the trash then mopping and wiping down soiled areas.


But what happens when our go-to steps 1,2 and 3 don’t work?

What happens when we have a truly offensive odor that has been invading a space for too long?

Weeks of pet odor and pet urine.

Months of stinking, rotten, decaying food.

Years of indoor smoking.

And even worse, what do we do when the home has been cleaned and we have no idea why it still smells?

Sometimes the odors seem invisible and untraceable.

It’s as if these odors are haunting us like a ghost.

Remove Bad Smells Quickly

We will share with you some ways to that will help get rid of the phantom odor.

And we will share with you a few things to keep an eye out for that are not always reliable.

As it turns out, many of us turn to masking agents to try and fix the problem.

What is a masking agent you say?

A masking agent is anything that will cover up the smell.

The most obvious options out there can be purchased at grocery stores and shopping malls.

Sprays like Lysol or Febreze, candles or plugins like Glade and fresh scents like potpourri.

Right off the bat these products will cover up the smell but are almost guaranteed not to get rid of the smell.

Odor causing elements will continue to flourish long after the masking agents wear off.

Why is that?

I’ll tell you why. Odor causing elements often are living organisms.

One example of a living organism is bacteria.

And get this – bacteria will fight harder to outlive the scented masking agent in order to and continue producing that odor.

Now, moving on to a couple of our odor removal tips to be careful about.


Tips To Remove Odors

These tips can work but are not guaranteed to work.

In addition, they require more effort and money and are going to be covering over smells.

Ok, listen closely to what I say next.

Painting over smoke ridden walls is a very common way that people attempt to get rid of indoor smoke smell and other odors.

Oil based paints like Kilz are generally the recommendation and sometimes this approach is effective and it may get rid of the smell.

But what’s worse..

It may leave the home smelling like a fresh coat of paint and smoke.

And think about this…

Fabric materials can be one of the biggest odor offenders. Holding on to all sorts of smells.

Washing carpets and replacing carpets will often get rid of smells temporarily. But what if they come back?

I tell you, indoor elevated odors can be one of the most frustrating challenges especially when we think we have gotten rid of the source of the odor.

But wait, there is hope!

I recently learned about one solution out there that is changing the game.

Chlorine dioxide is a chemical compound and is also known as ClO2. It has been used for a long time in disinfecting swimming pools and also since the 1940’s as a major component in our municipality water purification systems.

The Best Odor Removal Solution

Tested and Proven for Years.

What makes ClO2 different from competitors?

Well in regard to odor removal, it does not mask, encapsulate or cover up any odors like some of the earlier used examples.

Believe it or not, when exposed to odor, chlorine dioxide physically changes the chemical make-up of odor causing elements and pathogens while leaving behind no harmful residues.

Even better is that it also works faster than other products and anti-microbials.

How does it do this?

It out performs competitors by penetrating and disrupting the cell wall of odor molecules.


But wait, there’s more.

Chlorine Dioxide has the ability to completely remove odors overnight.

That’s right, OVERNIGHT.

No more waiting weeks with the windows open hoping to air out the odor.

No more praying a fogging machine will zap the odors.

Chlorine Dioxide’s deodorization process normally requires just a short 4-6 hours.

Want to know something interesting?

ClO2 odor removal capabilities are strongest in total darkness.

So, treatment is often performed at night leaving everyone anxious in the morning to smell an odor free home!

A Detailed list of Odor Removal in San Diego that ClO2 can get rid of are listed below:

  1. Animal Waste
  2. Bio Trauma
  3. Cannabis Smoke Odor
  4. Cigarette Smoke Odor
  5. Chemicals
  6. Food & Spice (curry)
  7. Fuel
  8. Grease Traps
  9. Human Waste
  10. Mold & Mildew
  11. VOC’s/Paint
  12. Pepper Spray
  13. Perspiration
  14. Sewage
  15. Skunk
  16. Smoke, Fire & Soot
  17. Tear Gas
  18. Tobacco
  19. Waste Containers
  20. Urine
  21. Water Damage

Removing Bad Odors in San Diego Has Never Been Easier.

I’ll tell you a secret that I’ve heard people aren’t supposed to know about chlorine dioxide…

It is actually a hospital grade disinfectant.

It is effective against a very wide range of pathogens including Staph, MRSA, Norovirus, Ebola, Parvo.

It is also a true algicide, fungicide, slimeacide, tuberculecide and biocide.

Safe is such an important word in today’s society.

Fortunately for us, chlorine dioxide is very safe.

As a matter of fact, it is the ideal choice for today’s environmental expectations.

It is safe to be utilized on all hard surfaces as well as color-fast materials and fabrics.

And more importantly, there are no carcinogens or poisonous residuals.

You may ask, what does that mean?

It means there is no harmful chemical footprint left behind after the odor removal treatment is performed.

When chlorine dioxide has finished it’s deodorization process, the solution dissipates into H20 (water) and NaCl (salt) allowing for a very minimal cleanup, if needed at all.

What is left behind is a disinfected, odor free, environmentally friendly space. Getting bad smells removed in San Diego has never been easier.

Bottom line:

Chlorine dioxide is safe.

It is environmentally friendly.

And more importantly, it is effective.

Rest assured that after proper treatment of an odor ridden environment, the space will smell like nothing at all.

No masked smells and no fresh scent to cover the inevitable return of that nuisance odor.